December 2, 2017


Marriott Key West Beachside Hotel
3841N. Roosevelt Blvd, Key West, FL(305) 296-8100

Local Airport:

Key West International Airport is two miles east of Key West, in Monroe County, Florida.
3491 S Roosevelt Blvd, Key West, FL 33040

Airport Code: EYW

Meeting Basics: 

Our Meeting is in Salon C. Head to the main building where you checked in, and take the stair case on your right or elevator on your left when you walk into the building. We are on the second floor in the meeting room closest to the elevator. Look for the Registration table!

Meals are on the Terrace, and the Friday post conference Cocktail Hour is Poolside!

Hotel Shuttle Information:  If you call the hotel (phone number (305) 296-8100) once you have arrived at the airport, have your bags and are ready to go. They will send a shuttle for you (it’s a very short drive)However, please keep in mind that the majority of our attendees are arriving on Wednesday so there may be a wait for the hotel shuttle or it may already be onsite. There will be numerous taxi’s available at the airport as well.